Saturday, August 7, 2010

Teaching my daughter to play with food?

Greetings in the name of our Lord & savior Jesus Christ. We are currently in Shawnee, OK doing laundry & shopping. This our last big outing before I go back on the road. The big thing for me was making sure all the laundry was done up before I left.

This morning I was getting ready to make breakfast wraps. My 4yo daughter asked if she could have cold cerial. Went decided to go ahead & let her have cerial since I knew she would not eat breakfast wraps (yes, she is a comie. Lol). She ate most of the cerial but not all of it & said she was done. She was eating Captain Crunch Berry & I asked if she can eat 2 blues. So she scooped 2 blue "berries" onto her spoon and ate them. I then asked if she can eat 10 yellows & she did. We continued with this til she ate it all up.

The Oklahoma Tomcat
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