Thursday, August 5, 2010

In Between Jobs

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior. Today was my last day at Sertco. I guess you could say that I am now in between jobs since technically, Werner has not really hired me yet. They can't hire me until I have hand written an application, passed a DOT physical, and passed a drug test. All of this is DOT law. I will get on a bus Sunday to go to Dallas, TX where I will attend an orientation class. There, they will take care of all the above things plus take care of other paper work and tell me about the company. After orientation, I will have to drive 140 hours with a trainer since I have been out of the truck for more then 2 years. I will then go to a terminal and pick up my truck and drive solo cross country. It is going to feel weird driving with a trainer since I was a trainer myself. But I kind of like going with a trainer at first since I have been out of the truck for over 2 years. It gives me a chance to get use to being on the road again.

My last day at Sertco was pretty good. I was given hugs, the people in the office gave me parting gifts and had an ice cream cake, and the south building asked me to sing "Tip-toe through the tulips" by Tiny Tim. They all stood around watching me do the Tiny Tim act as I sang and they all clapped when I finished. I was a star for a minute (lol). They all really made me feel good. I will miss working with all the people at Sertco. I love them all very much.

At work I concentrated on getting my work places cleaned and organized. I bothers me that Sertco didn't have a person taking my spot so I could show them what to do and where everything is. So, I showed June, who is a mechanic, where the maintenance records are for the lawn mower is and I posted the different things that had to be done each day. I organized everything so that everything could be found. I know what it is like to start a job with no one to show you where things are and what to do because when I started at Sertco I didn't really have anyone showing me what to do. They had a welder showing me some things but he was also welding.

Well, I am currently in Shawnee, OK. Got to pick up a few things and then get home. I will update you all on what is happening. Take care and God Bless.

The Oklahoma Tomcat

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