Friday, August 7, 2015

Not My Country, Not My Government

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. How is everyone doing? I pray that this blog finds everyone in good health and spirits.

Things are going good in the Jones household. We are doing better financially but still have a lot of work to get to where we once were. It is amazing how far behind you can get in just a few years. It is just another reason why I must remain with CRST until I retire. But once we get caught up we can't stop. One reason we got into the mess we did is because I have been a poor steward of the money God has given us. I must start saving money once we get the bills paid.

There is something that is bothering me a lot. I hate the direction this country is going. And I am not talking about the fact that we are now an Oligarchy and no longer a Republic. If the people want an Oligarchy and put their faith in a human government, OK. What bothers me is how this country has become so hateful and selfish. How can I love something so hateful? Doing so would go against God. How can I pledge allegiance to any country that hates? How can I fly a flag represents a country that hates God and God's greatest creation?  I can't.

In recent years, my eyes have been opened to just how hateful this country is. People are being forced to go against their beliefs and pay for abortion causing pills, Christian companies are taken to court because they refuse to run their business contrary to their belief, and government keeps tying the hands of non-profit organizations that try to help others. Some will say that we just need to change government, it is the government doing this. Well, here is the problem, who elects those in power?  The people in power didn't just get there by magic. They were elected by the people. It is the people who want this. And here is what really woke me up. In recent weeks we have seen several videos that showed Planned Parenthood aborting babies and selling human organs and body parts. They even went as far as doing partial birth abortions and turning the baby around to protect the organs they needed. In the videos they even mention human organs, not tissue masses. No doubt that what they were killing and selling wasn't human. What was the reaction from the American people? Maybe a whisper. And it isn't just that the media that isn't reporting it. Take a look at the number of signatures on petitions to defund Planned Parenthood, what is trending on social media, and I bet you that the politicians that support funding Planned Parenthood will still get lots of votes. The American people support ending human life. Now lets take a look at a lions life. Cecil the lion was killed by a trophy hunter. Now, I am against trophy hunting. Not because I care about animals, but because I believe we should be good stewards over what God gives us. If you are not killing an animal for food, clothes, or defending humans or property, you shouldn't kill the animal. But when I see the Americans reaction to the killing of a lion, I am amazed. Not just on the news, but on Social Media and petitions. The number of people outraged over the killing of a lion far outnumber the people outraged over the killing and selling of human life. There are people who even say that humans who trophy hunt should be hunted and killed or injured. They love animals more than humans. The American people have spoken loud and clear. I can't support in any way shape or form hatred towards God's greatest creation. I can't support people, organizations, or countries that go against God. I can't support America. This isn't my country. I am a man without a country on this earth and will be until the return of my Lord.

Take care and God Bless,
The Oklahoma Tomcat