Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Republic, If You Can Keep It - The American Form of Government

What type of Government did the founding fathers give us and what form of government should we still have today. If you listen to the news and some of our Elected leaders today, you would think it is a Democracy. Please watch this very educational video. It shows that the founding fathers were very smart and knew what they were doing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introductory to a great country

"If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, It expects what never was and never will be.... If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, It is the responsibility of every American to be informed." - Thomas Jefferson
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. How is everyone doing? I pray that everyone finds this blog in good health and spirits. I just had the greatest home time of my life. February, 17th was Paula and my wedding anniversary.  We ended up observing it that Friday. We went out to Olive Garden, then to a movie and watched "Just Go With It" and then got a hotel. It was a great day. The next day we helped the Church clean some land where a new Church building is going to be placed.  Last night I went back on the road. My first trip was from Oklahoma City to Mt. Vernon, MO. I then picked up in Mt. Vernon, MO and headed to Oklahoma.  I am now in Tulsa, OK where I ran out of hours.
As promised on Facebook, I will be posting a number of blogs about the founding of our Country, the Constitution, and our government. I have noticed in talking to people that lots of people know very little about our country, the constitution, and the type of government we have. People who grew up in the United States and who are voting. This is very scary because an ignorant people can not remain free.  I even see on the news people referring to the United States as a Democracy.  People, I do not want to live in a country that is a Democracy.  I have heard people say that it is unconstitutional for private companies to forbid people from carrying a gun onto the property.  I have heard people say it is unconstitutional for states to require a car to be registered. I heard people say that having a drivers license is a right. Is marriage a constitutional right? How about abortion? I see most do not even know what is a constitutional right and who the constitution protects against who.   So, I am going to write a few blogs that will explain all this so that those that want to learn more about the founding of America will be able to learn. It is very good to educate yourself so that you can make good decisions and not be deceived by others.  I am convinced that the founding fathers were very smart and even smarter then most people today.
I will be writing these blogs to explain the founding of our country, the constitution and our form of government only. It is to show how the founding fathers meant for our country to be run. I will not persuade anyone to be Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. In fact, people from all three parties will probably be shocked at what I have to say. I ask that everyone please read all the blogs even if you run in parts that you disagree with. If you do disagree then please challenge me. Look it up and give me facts with proof to back your view. I just ask that you give me proof in the form of the founding fathers writings or quotes. I don't want another persons point of view or interpretations because I know many things have been distorted for the purpose of fulfilling their agenda.
Well, I have to go for now. Got other things to take care of before I roll west. Take care and God Bless.
The Oklahoma Tomcat
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inspirational video - Turning disappointment into joy: From Service Dog ...

What happens when we stop fucusing on what one can't do and start focusing on what one can do? Amazing things start to happen. Please watch this inspirational video.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The same only different

I got the following from crosswalk. Since I talk a lot about marrage, I thought I would share it.

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Friday, February 4, 2011







The Same, Only Different


Male and female created he them. GENESIS 1:27, KJV

Dennis and I received a cute email about the romantic differences between men and women. It began by asking, "How do you romance a woman?" Answer: "Wine her, dine her, call her, cuddle with her, surprise her, compliment her hair, shop with her, listen to her talk, buy flowers, hold her hand, write love letters, and be willing to go to the end of the earth and back again for her." I could go along with that.

But when it asked the same question the other way—"How do you romance a man?"—the answer was much more brief and to the point.

Answer: "Arrive naked. Bring food."

Ahhh . . . men.

But in a way, this blending of our romantic differences is similar to how you make a good salad dressing. Oil and vinegar are about as dissimilar as condiments get. The only thingthey have in common is that they are liquids. Other than that, they're night and day. Oil is smooth; vinegar is sharp. Oil is thick; vinegar is thin. Left alone in the same bottle, the two will always migrate to opposite ends and remain there forever—unless shaken. Interestingly, however, even after the bottle has been shaken, the two ingredients retain their unique identities. And yet they complement each other in a savory unity. Together, they serve as a zesty finish to an otherwise bland mix of lettuces.

And so it is in marriage. No matter how many times a husband and wife come together, they always remain unique. He will always think like a man; she, like a woman. And although their innate design will never change, they can better understand each other and move to love one another with compassion, knowing that in so doing, they create a savory blend of romantic intrigue.

What do you love about your romantic differences? Which ones can drive you crazy?

Pray for patient understanding and for new ways of embracing and loving this wonderful person you married.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fwd: Fwd: Liberal Media ignores sting video exposing Planned Parenthood

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        The liberal media are covering up a major story that impacts
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On Tuesday, a shocking video showing Planned Parenthood of
 Click here to see the Planned Parenthood sting
video and to take fast action with the MRC.

ficials illegally coaching and giving business advice to an undercover
actor posing as a pimp went public, and the so-called "news" media have
simply looked the other way.

On Thursday (today) a second video was released. This video showed a
similar scene in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Richmond, VA -- proving
this is not an isolated incident but a shocking pattern!

Evidently,  the liberal media and Planned Parenthood think that it's
okay to use their $350 million in taxpayer funds to provide business
advice and tips for evading the law to a "man" who sells sex with 14-
and 15- year-old girls.

The Leftist controlled media have decided this is a story you shouldn't
see or read about.  In other words .



Go here now to see the video the liberal media don't want you to see
and to take immediate action.

WARNING: Portions of this video are both graphic and disturbing, and
should not be viewed by children.

YouTube is currently threatening to remove these videos, out of respect
for the "privacy" of the Planned Parenthood manager. This woman was
fired yesterday for the criminal activity that she was caught
participating in. The video will remain on, a division of
the MRC committed to preventing just this type of censorship.

+ + The Liberal Media: Sin By Omission

Joseph, it was just a brave 23 year old woman with two actors and a
hidden camera that exposed Planned Parenthood for what they really are -
far - left pro-abortion social activists.  The liberal media have
never lifted a finger to uncover this story.

Now, they've gone a step further, and are covering up this brilliant
piece of investigative journalism to further protect their friends at
Planned Parenthood!  Attempting to distort public opinion by covering
up unpleasant facts is how the state-run media in Iran may operate, but
we expect better!


        The MRC has just launched an aggressive email initiative to
inundate key network executives and decision-makers with outraged
emails demanding a full investigation into the actions of Planned

We are calling on every MRC Action team member to take action with us
right now to tell key liberal media outlets to STOP IGNORING THE

        Go here to utilize our system to send your emails expressing
your outrage over the liberal media's refusal to acknowledge and cover
this important story.

This is YOUR oppportunity to send a strongly worded email directly to
leading media officials right now!

Thank you so much for standing with the MRC to expose and stop liberal
media bias.



P.S.  Lila Rose, the young woman who worked to uncover this major
scandal will be doing a live webcast tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern with
Family Research Council President - and friend of the MRC - Tony
Perkins.  Get all of the details here!





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EPA using autism to gain control over water

I heard on the radio that the EPA is claiming that autism will end if the EPA controls drinking water. I have done lots of study on the theories of what causes autism (and there are lots out there) but never saw drinking water as one of the causes of autism. It doesn't shock me that the EPA would try to capalize on autism since now all they can take control of anything as long as they can say it is for the common good. But it is sad they are doing this. Being a father of an autistic child I know the rollercoaster ride a parent of an autistic child goes on. We don't need a government agency comming up with theories for how children get autism for the perpose of gaining power.

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