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A new Constitution ... Why?

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. How is everyone doing? I pray that everyone finds this blog in good health and spirits. Everything is going good out here. I am currently in Bessemer, AL. I have to pick up my next load tomarrow morning. We just got our tax return and we are paying off all of our bills as we do every year. We will then see what we have left and use it to build our new house. We are really looking forward to having a new house. We will have a contractor do the foundation and the shell of the house. We then will work on the interior throughout the year. We will have solor electric for some electrical things such as charging cell phones and netbooks. Popane for cook stove, fridge, hot water, and back-up heat. Wood for cook stove and main heat. Kerosene for light. The house will be real simple and will take advantage of wind to cool the house and sun lighting. We will keep everyone updated as the house is built and as we modify.

Paula and the children are all doing good. Abigail turns 5 this Friday. She is now doing 1st grade math and is doing Kindegarden in everything else. She is so smart and I am very proud of her. Micah is also doing very good. He is starting to do new things. Some of the things he is doing are things we never showed him. We were told that autistic children will do that. I was happy to be home when he started pointing to foods he wanted during meals. He was so happy to be able to do it that I think he ate just to do it. I was over whelmed with joy. The real credit to all this goes to my wife who is a very smart and dedicated mom and homeschools both our children.

In my previous blog, I posted a video. I hope that everyone watched it because it is very educational and it sets the foundation to this blog.

After the Colonies won the Revolutionary War in 1783, the government operated under the Articles of Confederation. There are people who wants the United States to go back to this form of Government. The problem that the colonies was having is that the federal government was too weak. It was broke, it could not united the colonies, it could not make treaties. The colonies had to do it all. Under this government, the United States was going to fall and England was watching and probably laughing. It was Hamilton that helped bring about a Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, PA, in 1787. Some of the men that met there had plans to modify or reright the Articles of Confederation but most of them wanted to form a new government that would have more power. Now think about something. These men could have formed anytype of government and they all had to have known that they would be in leadership in one form or another. Some of them wanted to make Washington king. But the type of government they formed was a type that would have the STATES DELIGATE some authority to the Federal Government. That is what the Constitution does. Most people today thinks that the Constitution deligates authority to the state and gives power to the federal government. This is untrue. So, why did the founding fathers form a Republic that limits the power of the federal government. Isn't this anti-government?

Most people in 1787 was anti-federal government. The states was very much against having a strong federal government. They saw first hand what happens when you give a group of people power. So, the founding fathers drew up a document that listed the things that the Executive Branch would have the power to do (Article II), the powers that the Legislative Branch (House of Representatives and Senate)(Aticle I), and the powers of the Supreme Court (Article III). These were the only powers that the federal government would have. Everything else would be left up to the states (tenth Amendment). With these Articles and Amendment, the federal government would have enough power to keep the country strong, but would not be too strong and take powers away from the states and freedoms from the people. The people during this time knew that too much power in the hands of a small group of people was dangerous, even if the group of people had the best of intentions. The constitution was set up as the law of the land. These are laws that the Federal Government MUST FOLLOW no matter what. EVEN IF THE PEOPLE WANTS SOMETHING DIFFERENT. That is correct. The founding fathers didn't want majority rule. Why? Well, would it be easy for a small group of very smart people to convince a large group of people that a bad law is good for the people? Look at Hitler, who was elected in a demicratic system. Look at every Demicratic government in history. The founding fathers were extremely smart and knew that a Demicratic government would lead to an Oligarchy. So, there is no place in the Constitution that says that if the majority of the people wants to give the federal government more power then it is to be done. Now, I have heard people say that the Constitution is a "living document" and congess can make new laws not listed in the constitution. Would the founding fathers put this much power in the hands of one group of people? There is a way congress can add to the Constitution. It is called "Amending the Constitution" and it is in Article V of the Constitution. It is very diffecult to do and it was made that way for a reason. The founding fathers didn't want the federal government to change the constitution at will or to reach outside of thier powers at will. It is because of Article V that I can say with 100% confidence that the Constitution isn't a living document. See, the founding fathers already thought of a way to modify the Constitution for future needs. So, all these laws that the federal government has that isn't in the Constitutional was supposed to be Amended into the Constitution in accordence with Article V. Congress can do that and it has been done many times in the past. When you look at the powers given to the federal government by the constitution and the power the federal government has now, you may be shocked. You may even look at some things and say, "Well, we need that because it helps the poor" or "Well, we need that law because it protects people." But remember, every law can be justified and made to sound like it is for the best interest of the people. If laws to help the poor or protect the people are needed in your state, then that is where that law should be made. That is what the 10th Amendment is for. The founding fathers set it up so that the states had more power as long as it didn't take away the rights of the individual. Actually, the states have amazing power under the Constitution which is good. See, you have more influence over your local leaders then you do over your leaders in Washington. And if you don't like your state laws, it is easier to leave your state then it is to leave the country. So, social laws should be kept with the state. Also, states know more about thier people and what thier people need then the federal government does. The needs of the people in Oklahoma are very much different then those in New York. How can one huge government meet everyones needs?

Well, I hope this blog has helped you unerstand the Constitution better. It is really a cut and dry law. The founding fathers did a very good job at putting it together which just shows how smart they were. In future blogs I will bring up issues that we are facing and put it up to the Constitution. This is were I will shock most people including Republicans. You will be shocked at just how weak the Constitution makes the federal government. The Libertarians do have a point when it comes to social issues and the Constitution.

Well, I have to get a hair cut. Take care and God Bless.

The Oklahoma Tomcat

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