Monday, March 7, 2011

Government Social Programs. What would Jesus Do?

I just read an article that supported Federal Social programs by asking "What would Jesus do?"  It is true that Jesus told people to help the poor and support the widows and orphans. I am all for that. We are supposed to give to the poor. But we are also supposed to help the poor by giving them a hand.  When Jesus said all of this, who was He talking too and how did He say to do it?  Was He talking to the government?  No.  Was He talking to individuals? Yes.  Did He tell you to force your neighbor to give money? No. Did He tell you to take your neighbors money and give it to the poor? No. Did say for each individual to give with great joy to the poor? Yes.  In fact, do you know that when you pay taxes, God doesn't look at that as you giving to the poor?  Do you pay your taxes with joy? I don't know anyone who dances with joy as they pay their taxes.  Are you taking money out of your pocket willingly and giving it to a person or an organization that helps out people in need? Don't know too many people doing that either. Is that money blessed and prayed over so that it goes to good use? No, in fact, I think we see the result of that being so little of the money meant to go to those in need actually make it there. I don't believe God blesses the money going to the Government at all or it wouldn't be wasted as it is. So, how does God look at Man's government and what would Jesus Do?
I hear lots of Christians (and even non-Christians who try to challenge me) use the Bible to support Government Social Programs and Social Justice. The first thing I think of anytime I hear the Bible used to support mans government is 1 Samuel 8. If you read this, you will see that God never even wanted His people to be ruled by a human government. He warned His people what would happen. But we, as humans, know what is best for us, right? It is amazing how everything God said would happen under a human government is happening. So, what would Jesus do? Does God like His people being ruled by a human government? I think our government really doesn't want to know what Jesus thinks about it.  Another thing that comes to mind is 2 Thessalonians 3:10.  Now, this isn't talking about those that physically can't work. Individuals and churches are supposed to help those that are handicapped, elderly, and orphans. But, is the government making sure that those that can work are working before giving money and food to them. Most non-profit organizations do interview people before giving food and money to people. If the person can work but isn't, then they will guide them to get work. So, the government isn't following God's word. What would Jesus do? Next, show me where in scripture where it says to force people to give to the poor. God doesn't force anyone to give to the poor. Each individual must do it on there own. God even says that we must give with a cheerful heart or do not even bother. If you are looking at paying taxes as satisfying God's will for you to help the poor, you are terribly mistaken.  If you are not making the sacrifice to physically help out the needy and to take money out of your own pocket (not your rich neighbor), then you are not satisfying God's will for you to help the needy.
So, what would Jesus do when it comes to Government Social Programs? It depends on what time frame you are talking about? When Jesus was on earth He showed no interest in the human government other then we must follow the law of the land except if it conflicts what God tells us to do.  He didn't tell us to be against it or tell the government what to do. He only told us what we should do in our personal life. So, in that I have to say that Jesus would do nothing with the human government. Now, if you are talking about when Jesus returns, He is going to destroy the human government. Our United States government will be no exception. So, in that I have to say he would do a complete makeover of the government.  When it comes to the human government and God, I find that a weak federal government is the closest to what God wants.  The federal government shouldn't try to be religious or to do good works. This gives individuals the freedom to do God's Will.  That is what God wants under the new covenant, individuals to do God's Will. Individuals should be acting in love to their neighbor. So, do not look to the government to be doing what you should be doing. Do not look to the government to feed your family when it should be you (if you can work) or the church and your neighbors (if you are having temporary problems or unable to work).  Do not get fooled into thinking that the government is doing God's will by having all of these social programs. Just the fact we have a human government isn't God's will. If the government was doing God's will, the government wouldn't be having the huge financial problems that it does. That is another thing, what does God say about being in debt.  Take care and God Bless.
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