Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abortion and the constitution

Let me hit on a hot topic. Abortion. Except, I am not going to talk about my personal feeling on this topic or even what the Bible says we personally should do. I am going to ask a simple question. What does the Constitution say the government should do about this. The answer may shock lots of people ... on both sides.

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. How is everyone doing? I am currently in Benton, IL and just waking up. Everything is going good out here. My family is doing good also. My wife called yesterday and announced that she got a puppy for Micah. We have been wanting to get a companion dog for Micah but have not been able to find a good one. Yesterday someone gave Paula a puppy and both Puppy and Micah took to each other very well. They act like good buddies which is good cause Micah is interacting with the puppy. We feel this will help Micah excell even more.

I want to discuss a topic that is very heated. Everyone who reads my blogs and knows me knows that I am against Abortion and I know that God is also against abortion. But I want to now talk about the constitution in regards to abortion. Does the constitution give any power to the federal government to regulate abortion? I have blogged about the constitution before and if you didn't read it, you may want to go back and read that blog. If you look at Articles 1, 2, and 3 of the constitution, you see that it outlines the jobs of the Judictial, Executive, and Legistative branches of the Government. Nowhere in these articles does it talk about abortion.

You see, the constitution doesn't only say what rights you have, but it also deligates authority to the federal government from the states. It lays out what powers the states allows the federal government to have. Anything that is not in the constitution falls under the 10th Amendment. So, the federal government has no right to regulate or restrict abortion. There is only one way to change this. That is to Amend the Constitution which the founding fathers did put into the constitution a way to amend it just in case things change and the need to add something comes. They were so smart. How about the states? Was the supreme court correct in there decition to prevent the states from banning abortion. Looking at all the rights given to us under the constitution, I don't see abortion. Now, the Supreme Court used the 14th Amendment. That is really reading into the constitution a little too much. How is Abortion depriving someone of life, liberty, and property. Banning abortion is giving life and liberty to an unborn. Going on this case you can say that the death penalty is unconstitutional and yet it was done when the founding fathers were around. If a state bans abortion the mom still has life (unless having the child kills her), liberty, and property. So, this rulling was a bad one and the state does have the right to regulate or even outlaw abortion.

I know people on the right that thinks the federal government does have the right to ban or regulate abortion because it is protecting life. Again, that is reading into the constitution. Actually, the right to life is in the Bill of Rights. Do you know that the founding fathers didn't even give the federal government the right to regulate murder? Why? You would think if the founding fathers wanted moral law and for the federal government to protect life that murder would be at the top of the list. Murder laws are determind by each state. You kill someone, it is up to the state on weather you are to be punished and what that punishment should be. Which, I like that because I feel that the current federal government would punish people for protecting themselves. Currently, Oklahoma allows you to protect yourself and property. I want to keep it that way.

The truth is that the founding fathers wanted the federal government to be weak and for the states to have more power. Remember, when the constitution was written, the people were not affraid of their states. The states already had governments in place. The people were afraid of a federal government taking the states powers and rights away. So the founding fathers gave the federal government limited powers. Moral laws are not one of the powers given to the federal government. This is left to the states. So, the federal government (including judges) need to stay out of abortion and the states need to decide if they want abortion law in there state. If we want the federal government to get involved, then we need to follow the constitution and start the amending process.

It is time for me to head north. Y'all have a great day. Take care and God Bless.

The Oklahoma Tomcat

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