Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Good morning. How are y'all doing?  I pray that everyone finds this post in good health and spirits.  Things are going great out here.  My wife is on the truck with me this week and things are going great.  I really have missed having her with me 24/7.  We use to team drive and you couldn't pry us apart with anything.  We were constantly together.  It was wonderful.  What is great is that we still have that same feeling for each other.  We always have that desire to be with each other.  I really feel what Dolly Parton is singing when she says, "It is too bad that money has to keep us apart."

We are currently at Alco in Llano, TX.  At 0800 we have to deliver some products to them and pick up some things that has to be returned to Abilene, KS.  This is a brand new Alco store that hasn't opened yet.  

I have been thinking. Do y'all find it amazing that the people who cry out for tolerance of other peoples lifestyle is actually the least tolerant? In looking at all the demonstrations in America and listening to different groups and people, I find that most (I know not all) Christians are actually more for the freedom of people living as they want and saying as they want as long as they don't hurt others, then the people who call the Bible a hate book. Christians believe that EVERYONE has the right to live any lifestyle they want. They also believe that EVERYONE has the right to disagree with the way some people live and with what some people do. Christians believe in freedom of speech. Christians do not believe in FORCING others to agree with them. Those that keep crying out "tolerance" and call the Bible a hate book are only for tolerance if it is in line with their belief. If you disagree with them then they want you to
 be silenced. How do they silence you? By saying that your words and belief are hateful. The purpose of this is to make those who disagree with them afraid to speak out. What is crazy is that those who disagree with these people are hateful for disagreeing with their lifestyle but yet, they are not hateful for disagreeing with the Christian lifestyle. Hmmm.

God isn't hate and neither is the Bible. Anyone who says the Bible is a hate book has not read the Bible. Actually, the Bible tells us to love people but hate sin. Simple as that. If you love people then you can't love sin. If you love people you can't accept sinful actions. It is because of what the Bible tells us that Christians do allow people to live in sin, if they wish to do so. The Bible does instruct us not to force people to live according to the way God tells us nor to silence them. It is interesting that Christians practice what the people who cry "tolerance" say they want everyone to do. Yet ... it is the Christians who are made out to be hateful.

The next time you hear someone say "Those people hate ...". Stop and think. Why is that person saying this? Is it simply cause they disagree with him or her? Is it hate to disagree with someone? If so, then does he or she hate them? They probably do hate the person they are saying hates.  

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