Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eating Healthy: Breakfast

As a truck driver, it is hard to eat healthy, but it isn't impossible. One of the most skipped meals in America is breakfast and as my wife will tell you, it is the one I am the most animate about. That is cause it is very important to eat when you wake up. Ideally, we should be eating 5 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals. When you skip breakfast, then chances are, you will eat an even larger lunch or you will be eating unhealthy snacks all morning. The time between your last meal of the day and breakfast is long. In fact, it is the longest time your body goes without food. This causes your blood sugar to drop. If you go without eating a good healthy meal when you wake up, your blood sugar drops even lower. Then, lunch rolls around and chances are you are hungry. You eat a pretty good size lunch (or even if you eat something small) and all of a sudden you blood sugar jumps. If your lunch contains any starch such as pasta or bread then your blood sugar spikes even higher. This is a real shock to anyones body. Now, our bodies are amazing. A healthy person's body can handle abuse for quite awhile and some could put up with this all their life. But, you are taking a risk of developing health problems, and for what? A couple of hours of sleep? Now, something I like to do in the truck is make oatmeal with fruits and nuts in it. I don't need much to get me going and keep me going till my next meal. It is very healthy and it doesn't take too long to make. What I do is heat a small amount of water in my lunchbox cooker, add dried fruit and nuts to the hot water. I let the fruit soften a little and then add oatmeal. It takes less then 15 minutes. Another thing you can do is boil water till it is very hot (or get the hot water from the truck stop coffee machine) and add it to a bowl of regular oatmeal. Cover and stir occasionally until oatmeal is soft. Yep, you can make regular oatmeal that way. You thought only instant oatmeal could be made that way, ha? It just takes a little longer with regular oatmeal. I do prefer to use regular oatmeal cause it is more filling. Now, if you do over sleep and don't have time to cook breakfast you can buy a healthy, filling snack like trail mix or you can buy the things to mix your own. Keep in mind that you do want to make sure you eat enough to carry you to your next meal (preferably between breakfast and lunch). If you eat 5 small (remember SMALL) meals a day and make sure you are eating breakfast, you will notice that your health will improve and your weight will adjust to it's ideal weight. Keep in mind thought that you have to stick to this diet and your health will not improve over night. This is not a "loose weight fast" or a "get healthy fast" program. This is a natural healthy lifestyle. Even if you are healthy, you will keep your health by doing this. This diet also must be accompanied with healthy foods and lots of activity. Take care and God Bless. Love, The Oklahoma Tomcat resources:

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