Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who do you follow, your employer or God?

Oklahoma Police Captain Faces Disciplinary Action for Refusing to Attend Islamic Event. Http://
High school biology teachers refuse to teach evolution. Http://

Teachers call for right to boycott sex education. Http://

FYE Fires Employees Who Refuse To Mislead Customers About Subscriptions And Other Ripoffs Hanover Maine

Truck Driver who Refused to Violate DOT Regulations

The above is just a few stories of people who have been told that they have to go against God's word or be disciplined. How about you? If you were told by your employer (weather you word for the government or private company) to go against God's word, would you follow your employer or would you follow God? Be sure your feet are under your seat. I have a feeling that I will be stepping on peoples toes.

On February 23rd I heard a story on the radio about a Tulsa, Oklahoma Police officer who refused to attend an Islamic Event. At first, police officers were told it was voluntary that officers attend the event but very few officers signed up for the event. The department then made the event mandatory and this one officer still refused to attend. I was cheering him on. Attending would go against his Christian faith and so he risked his career to follow God. I then thought of the number of people I know or have talked to that told me that they do what they know is wrong but their boss makes them. When I ask, "why" they say that they can't afford to get fired. This is very sad and very dangerous.

We all sin. No denying that. The reason we sin is because we are greedy and selfish. We all have hate. But how about when we sin because we choose to keep our job? I find that this is a very dangerous decision. I have blogged that we must obey our employers and work as if we are working for God. That is until our employer goes against God's word just as we are to obey the law of the land until that law goes against God's word. If you are sinning because you are afraid that you will be unemployed you are saying that you do not believe God will provide for you if you follow Him. You have more faith in your boss then you have in God. If you don't have faith that God will provide for your needs and you are willing to go against God's word to protect your employment, what are you going to do when things get worse? How about if someone threatens your life unless you deny God? How about if someone threatens your life unless you sin against God? If you are not willing to put a job at risk to follow God then how will you be willing to risk your life. How about the days that we know will come?

In Revelation we read that there will be a beast and he will put his mark on people. Everyone who refuses to have the mark of the beast will not be able to sell, buy or trade. Have you ever given this any thought? If you are around for this, you will have to make a very tough decision. If you choose to obey God, the government of this world will not allow you to sell, buy, or trade. How are you going to eat? Where are you going to live? What are you going to wear? Do you have faith that God will provide for you? Do you? Really? What we face now with our employer is nothing compared to what will come in the future and since we do not know when those days will come, it is possible that you will be around. But, even if you are will not be around. What do you think God feels about you having no faith that He will provide for you for doing what is right? Does God like that you have more faith in your boss to provide for your needs then Him? And what if Government does make laws that go against God's word (as we see it is already trying to do)? If you are not willing to stand up to your boss at the risk of loosing your job, how are you going to stand up to government at the risk of going to jail?

So, what are some of the things an employer can tell you to do that goes against God? Some of the common ones I see is: Cheating log books (truck drivers), speeding (travel), forbidding you from praying, lying, stealing, using your looks in a sexual way to get customers to buy something, teaching things that go against the Bible, and much much more.

I pray that this blog will at least get you to think of the choices you make next time your employer tells you to go against God's word. And when you have decided in your mind what choice you are about do, ask, "Am I putting my faith in God or man."


The Oklahoma Tomcat

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