Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our national debt. Who to blame

As I was sitting at Duncan Donuts enjoying a Caremel Hot Shot Coffe w/ skim milk and an everything Bagel w/cream cheese, I hear a familiar agrument between 4 men over the national debt. "President Bush got us into debt & now everyone expects Obama to get us out over night." "Well Obama got us further into debt." The argument continue to grow.

Lets say that you own a bussiness. You have guy #1 managing the money. Bussiness is doing good & guy #1 has an easy job. Suddenly bussiness is slowing down as guy #1 is quiting. You hire guy #2 who is dealing with your slow business. He tells you to lower pricess to get more customers wich works but bussiness is still slow. He has you borrow money to invest in the bussiness even though you are not making money. You are in debt. Man #2 quites. Now you hire man #3. Your bussiness is in debt. He has you barrow lots of money to try to change your bussiness. He has trippled your debt in 2 years & still no income. How long do you let him continue?

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