Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top 10 signs that you are addicted to Twitter

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10)  You know people by their avatar and when they change it you say, "Oh look a new follower."
09) Your family is well aware that anything they say can and will be used by you on twitter.
08)  You're at the mall and you find the most amazing pair of shoes, what's the first thing out of your mouth? "I need to tweet this."
07)  You get your news from trending topics, and you rest assured that no one famous has died today, or else it would be trending.
06)  You meet a cool new person and love their awesome bio but then you look at their numbers: Following 900 Followers 20 … you really should know better but you can't help it … you judge them.
05)  You're moping around confused, and your family automatically knows, twitter must be down … it's the fail whale's fault.
04)  Your family's waiting to say grace while you're taking a picture of your dinner plate … they know where that picture's going.
03)  You raise your arms and cheer in a loud voice, "Woohoo!"  You notice your family staring and you explain yourself, "I just got retweeted … 5 times!"
02)  Your F5 refresh button is faded, that's right, worn out!
01) You have a Twitter fail whale 3D sculpture in your front yard.
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