Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony found not guilty. A Christian view

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  How is everyone doing?  I am doing OK.  I just found out last night that my father passed away from cancer.  We all knew it was just a matter of time but it is still a shock when a loved one passes away.  He did pretty good though.  I thank God that my wife and children got to see him before he passed away and that he was feeling good while we were there.  My wife got to see who my father is and where I get my attitude and craziness.  God plans things out so perfect.  Think about it, if we would have built our house when we wanted to, we would not have gotten to New York to visit my father.  When we  submit to God's Will, all works out perfect.
Something else happened yesterday also.  Casey Anthony was found not guilty to charges of killing her daughter.  Of course, after the verdict, many reacted and most attacked Casey and felt that she got away with murder.  How are we, as Christians supposed to react to this?
It is easy to see how emotions can flair in this type of news.  Actually, one of the great things in us (in particular, Americans) is how we, as a whole, value women and children.  When  something terrible happens to a woman or a child, we react with great emotion.  The sad part though is often we react with hate and even judge in a wrong way.  It is OK if we see someone do wrong to judge their actions.  God does tell us what is right and wrong and we should correct our neighbor in love.  If you don't do this, then in essence you are allowing your neighbor to harm himself or others.  Therefor, you are showing hate to your neighbor through your actions.  But when it comes to a case that you see only on TV or in the News Media, how can you even judge the persons actions?  The only information you are getting is what the news (like they always tell the whole story) tells you or reports.  Even if you watch the whole trial on TV you are subject to influences from commentators and other information from other sources.  This is why the jury isn't supposed to watch TV, read the news, or talk to others.  To tell you the truth, we have to let human government be the judge to human law and leave it at that.  Let God determine if Casey sinned against God.  We must surrender all appoints and rest assured that God is in control.  What ever happened to Casey's daughter, God allowed to happen and God can use the tragic death of this little girl to glorify Him.  God is still in control.  Do you believe that?  Rest assured that that little girl is not dead now and if anyone is to blame for her death (which we do not know) then justice will be served.  That is another thing, is justice ever served in a human government?
Another thing to keep in mind is that we must ALWAYS SHOW LOVE TO ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO.   The Bible could not be any clearer of this.  Do you remember when the man killed several Amish children in a school house?  Do you remember what the reaction was from the family of those children who died?  Brothers and Sisters, that is exactly what the Bible says we should do.  No where do you find under the new covenant that we are to seek justice or to hate those who do us wrong.  We should not speak no evil against Casey.  No foul words should come from our mouth nor any opinion of her guilt.  We should show her love and speak loving words. 
Well, we are on our way to Florida and my student is driving.  I need to get some sleep so that I can drive tonight.  Y'all take care and God Bless.
The Oklahoma Tomcat
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