Saturday, April 2, 2011

We need to learn from autistic people

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. How is everyone doing? Everything is going fine out here on the road. I am currently in Hollins, VA. I will be rolling again at midnight and heading to Tennessee. 
I have a question in regards to autism.  I am wondering if it is really us "normal" people who really has a lot to learn from autistic people?  Think about it, everyone is different. We all have our gifts and flaws and we are supposed to love and get along with everyone.  We are also supposed to help one another out. This means that even though we all learn differently and have our weakness', we are to work around those differences and help the person out. I feel that today we are quick to label people as a disability or disorder just because they are not "normal" even if that person was created to act or be the way they are.  Let me give you an example.  ADHD. I know I am going to get people's defenses up, but please continue reading and hear me out.  I have had people tell me that I have ADHD and I am sure I could go to the doctors and be diagnosed.  But I don't see being Hyper as a disorder. It is actually a blessing from God. I just tell people that it was labeled as a disorder because those with no energy are jealous and wants to drug us. Now, unfortunately, the side affect of being hyperactive is having trouble paying attention for extended periods, but that just takes learning. But think of all the good performers and motivational people. Many of them very hyperactive and without working on it, have very little attention span. How do those of us who are hyperactive and low attention spans learn to live in society without drugs? It takes people who learned how to teach and work with different types of people to teach us.  Watching Micah grow, that is what I am seeing. Micah is different, just like all of us. He learns different, he sees things different. So it takes us, learning how to work with a person who isn't like us, to help that person grow and learn. This is difficult since Micah don't look at things or hear things in the same way we do. He doesn't see people like we do and he doesn't hear voices like we do. So, it does make teaching very hard. But, as we are teaching him we are learning how to deal with people who are very different from us and to love and understand people who are very different.  It is a huge blessing to grow in love for all people and not to look at people who are not like us as disabled or there actions as a disorder.  I heard one girl with Aspergers say that to her, she is normal and everyone else is strange. As Micah grows up, he will probably look at it the same way. When you look around and see someone acting differently or struggling with something that you find to be easy, don't look at them as being odd or not as smart. They are just different from you just as you are different from them. Speaking of smart, keep in mind that Autistic people are extremely smart. It just takes an understanding and loving person to help them communicate in a world that is so strange to them.
I do want to make sure everyone knows that I am not lessening the importance of being aware of autism and helping autistic children out. They do need to learn how to communicate and adapt in society so that they can use there full potential and succeed in life. They are very bright people and can do so much in  life.  But just think if everyone would stop looking at one another as odd, disabled, or a disorder and started looking at one another as just different and learns or looks at things differently. If everyone teated each other as a loving parent of an autistic child treats the child. We would see success stories in more people like the ones told by autistic teens and adults.  The world needs that.  Take care and God Bless.
The Oklahoma Tomcat
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