Sunday, October 24, 2010

A gasoline engine is a gasoline engine (part 2)

Ofcourse an engine isn't going to change just because we slap a lable on it. But how many think that people are something just because they gave themselves that label? I hear non-Christians critisize Christians because they know some that act hateful. I ask, "How do you know they are Christian?"
"Well, because they said they are."
"I am a financial advicer. Give me your money & I will invest it for you."
Ofcourse they wont believe me when I tell them that I am a financial adviser.

Christianity isn't just a label someone can just slap on. A Christian is a way of life. It is someone who lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Now, ofcourse Christians are human & deal with sin. But the difference is that a Christian will continue to work to love all people & try to turn away from sin. If you see someone activley showing hate then chances are they have not yet converted to Christianity. Don't believe everything someone tells you.

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